What can I do with the icons shown?

  1. https://velos-online-help.azurewebsites.net/en-US/cows-webhelp/images/filter%20icon_1033.png Filter icon

    The filter icon can be used to show or hide certain types of information on the screen.

  2. https://velos-online-help.azurewebsites.net/en-US/cows-webhelp/images/print%20icon_1032.png Print icon

    The print icon can be used to print the current view.

  3. https://velos-online-help.azurewebsites.net/en-US/cows-webhelp/images/column%20icon_1035.png Columns icon

    The columns icon can be used to show or hide certain types of columns on the screen.

  4. https://velos-online-help.azurewebsites.net/en-US/cows-webhelp/images/information%20icon_1034.png I icon

    The I icon can be used to view the legend.

  5. https://velos-online-help.azurewebsites.net/en-US/cows-webhelp/images/arrow%20down_1036.png Arrow icon

    The V icon can be clicked to expand the row. More detailed information can be seen or actions can be performed with the expanded row.

  6. https://velos-online-help.azurewebsites.net/en-US/cows-webhelp/images/Icon%20refresh_1047.png Refresh icon

    The refresh icon can be used to refresh the data on the current page.

  7. https://velos-online-help.azurewebsites.net/en-US/cows-webhelp/images/Icon%20magnifying%20glass_634.png Magnifying glass

    The magnifying glass icon can be used to search for animals.

  8. https://velos-online-help.azurewebsites.net/en-US/cows-webhelp/images/Settings%20icon_613.png Settings icon

    The settings icon can be used to see and change the settings of the current page.

  9. https://velos-online-help.azurewebsites.net/en-US/cows-webhelp/images/Icon%20edit_632.png Edit icon

    The edit icon can be used to edit the data on the screen.