When do I receive an Animals to check attention?

The system generates an Animals to check attention in 2 situations:

Unusual behavior can indicate possible illness or a risk of illness, so it is important to check the cows that day. Depending on the type of Tag, the neck or leg movements are measured.

Tag Neck (I)FER(P)

Tag Neck (I)FE

Tag Leg

Animal has an increased inactive time.

Animal has a decreased eating time.

Animal has:

  • a decreased step count (optional, see the Animal to check settings), or

  • a decreased lying time, or

  • an increased lying time

For the Tag Neck (I)FER(P) the Animals to check list is updated continuously through the day. The Animals to check list for the Tag Neck (I)FE and Tag Leg is updated once a day at midnight.

To change the settings for the Animals to check attentions, click on the settings icon https://velos-online-help.azurewebsites.net/en-US/cows-webhelp/images/Settings%20icon_613.png on the attentions page and move the slider.