When should I inseminate a cow?

To see the progress of the heat of an animal, a green colored bar is shown in Velos for animals with a heat detection attention. The bar is based on the figure below and shows the probability of conception during the entire heat. The darker the green color, the higher the chance of conception is when inseminating.

The figure below applies to the average situation as proven in scientific research. Specific cases such as the use of sexed semen may have different optimal insemination moments. Take this into account in your business.


Optimum insemination moment (Roelofs et al. 2005 (Theriogenology))


 1. Probability of conception in % 3. Optimum insemination moment
 2. Duration of heat in hours

The progress bar in Velos shows the same information:


Example of optimum insemination moment in Velos

It depends on the starting point of the heat when the animal should be inseminated. It is possible to switch to the column Start of heat indicating the starting point. To see whether the animal is already in the optimum insemination moment (the dark green color of the bar), the current date and time is indicated by the https://velos-online-help.azurewebsites.net/en-US/cows-webhelp/images/Optimum%20insemination%20moment%20-%20current_1274.png . In this example, the animal is in the optimum insemination moment and can be inseminated. The dark green area of the optimal insemination moment has a duration of 5 hours after the start of heat, until 17 hours after the start of heat. Try to inseminate the animal within this time frame to increase the chances of conception. Inseminating after this time frame still has a reasonable change of conception. Therefore, if the optimal time frame is missed, it is still in many cases better to inseminate than not to.