Add silos

Default 1 silo is already available. When you use more silos, add them in Nedap Velos.

  1. Go to Settings > Feeding > Silos.

  2. Click Add silo.

  3. Fill in the following data:

  4. Click Submit.

If desired, the silo stock can be controlled:

  1. In the column Stock, click on 0 kg.

  2. Fill in the stock:

    1. Attention stock. An attention appears when a specified amount of the stock has been achieved. Fill in this amount (kg) in the field Attention stock.

    2. Stock. Velos automatically calculates the total stock. This amount can always be changed manually. In that case, fill in the amount of the total stock (kg) in this field.

    3. New delivery. After a new delivery, fill in the total amount (kg) of the delivery in this field. Velos automatically calculates the total stock.

  3. Click OK.