Define the spreading

The feed amounts that are defined in the feed plans indicate 1 total feed amount for 24 hours. To make sure that the cows can be fed small portions at frequent periods, periods need to be dened in Nedap Velos. The number of periods determines the amount of feed that is distributed every release period.

When you use a Farm Management Program, the spreading must also be defined in Nedap Velos.

  1. Go to Settings > Feeding > Feed plans.

  2. Click on the feed plan for which you want to define the spreading.

  3. Go to the tab Spreading.

  4. Fill in the following data:

Common spreading examples are:


The default value of Max. period amount is 2,5 kg. In example C this should be changed to at least 3,7 kg. Otherwise not all feed will be dispensed. See Define the limits.


When too much feed is transferred from one cycle to the other, the risk of overfeeding arises. This can be prevented by setting up a maximum take over, see Define the limits.