What should I do when I receive a Feed balance attention?

A Feed balance attention is generated when a cow has not eaten its feed amounts. In the Feeding widget on the Dashboard appears a blue link with the number of cows with a Feed balance attention. Click on the link to see which cows haven't eaten their amounts, and to see more information.

In the feed balance list, all cows with a Feed balance attention are listed. The feed balance from today and yesterday are shown. Click on the https://velos-online-help.azurewebsites.net/en-US/cows-webhelp/images/chevron-down_blue_2251.png icon to see the data in numbers. To see the 2-week history of the cow, click on the https://velos-online-help.azurewebsites.net/en-US/cows-webhelp/images/Icon_Feeding_History_2628.png icon. When the cow hasn't eaten well for a longer period, check the cow in the barn.