Which system attentions are shown in Velos?

System attention



ServerCommunication No data exchange[0]: Unstable internet connection

Internet synchronization from data to/from the server failed. This is needed when there is a cloud connection with a farm management program. This can be caused by a problem with the Internet connection or synchronization.

  • Check your Internet connection. Do you have access to the Internet and can the system be accessed through the vpu-online.com domain? If the VP8002 does not have a working Internet connection:

    1. Check all network cables and connectors.

    2. Power off the VP8002 and power on.

    3. Power off the router and power on.

  • Check if there is a synchronization issue in the farm management program that needs attention.

  • Check the network settings of the VP8002 in Velos: Settings > System > Network.

  • Check the network settings of your router.

  • Check if there is a synchronization issue in Nedap Velos that needs to be solved:

When all of the above is correct and the system attention still appears, contact your dealer.